About Us

At Zinny’s, Our love for art finds expression through the individual cakes we make for each client. What makes our cakes unique is that each cake is made using traditional baking methods, using the freshest and finest ingredients. Yes! We do not use cake mixes. All our cakes are made as close as possible to delivery/pick-up time.

Over the years, our clients keep coming back, not just because of the great taste or because they look beautiful, but because we treat each client as an individual making cakes that suit your specified needs. Working together with you, even when you have a budget, we create the perfect cake you need for every special occasion.

At Zinny’s we seek to always give voice to your heartfelt emotions through our cakes. We believe in cakes that speak volumes, if you want to say anything, why not say it with Zinny’s.

Our cakes come in delicious flavours such as Vanilla, Chocolate, Red velvet, Marble, Fruit cake, etc. If pre ordered you can choose exactly how you want your cake.